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Digital Voice Awards - Top Winners 2009
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Best Overall, High School
png image of video frame Is Anybody Listening?
Michael Steinman, Pomona Unified School District, Village Academy High School at Indian Hill
In the novel The Great Gatsby, the theme of "the American Dream." was being explored in this AP Language Arts class. As they journeyed though various assignment of writing essays and discussions, the teacher inquired how things were going with his students regarding the current economy - and what he heard was startling. When Village Academy High students sent their video to the United States President, they challenged him to respond - and he DID! In fact, he not only responded to it on national TV, he visited the students as well. This video exemplifies the power of student voices.
Best Overall Production, High School
png image of video frame Live From 205
Rene Vela, Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District, Palos Verdes High
Twice a week, the students produce a LIVE 25 minute newscast- called Live From 205. Hard work goes into producing these two live productions each week. It is better than watching the network news because it not only was local, but SUPER local. Explore the Live From 205 website at, which includes twitter feeds and episode archives.
Best Overall, Middle School
png image of video frame The "Group Wars"
Kenneth Yoshikawa, ABC Unified School District, Carmenita Middle
In this video, the periodic table is brought to life by middle school students Grace Shin and Kelly Son's remarkable story about a battle of strength between the elements on the periodic table. This video has breathtaking artwork and animation, a strong curricular focus and spectacular writing.
Best Overall Production, Middle School
png image of video frame The Three Scrooges in "A Christmas Carol"
Dan Hoskins, Los Angeles Unified School District, Pacoima Middle
This video crossed two classics - except the genres in this one are wildly diverse. What happens when Charles Dicken's tale, A Christmas Carol, meets The Three Stooges? When looking at "The Three Scrooges in 'A Christmas Carol'", there is a wonderful mix of imitation and originality. And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then both the Stooges and Dickens should feel complimented.
Best Overall, Elementary
png image of video frame Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog
Linda Yollis, Las Virgenes Unified School District, Chaparral Elementary
This class blog has woven technology use into the curriculum to support instruction and inspire students. With each click, there are student videos and amazing thoughtfully blogged comments. The depth of resources, which are organized by curricular subjects, is impressive indeed. Mrs. Yollis' attention to digital literacy and assessment is a great model. It is no wonder that her site has over 1500 visitors in the last half year - with some international visitors. Join her class at
Cultural Connections Winner, High School
png image of video frame Reflections on Peace
Jerrilyn Jacobs, Los Angeles Unified School District, William Howard Taft Senior High
This two-part video is beautifully and creatively shot while secondarily showing the rich layers of language at just one school. The first video, Pass the Peace, shows a Native American tradition of passing a stick from person to person to talk about unity. Signs of Peace is the second short video with its simple, beautiful images and symbolism.
Cultural Connections Winner, Middle School
png image of video frame Being An American
Lucy Martin, St. Elisabeth School
Teacher Lucy Martin wanted her students to reflect on the Bill of Rights and identify what it means to be an American. Student Allyssa Moscotte's writing, pacing and narration, as well as her selection of Creative Commons images to illustrate her tie-dye metaphor is impressive.
Cultural Connections Winner, Elementary
png image of video frame Legend Of The Poinsettia
Maritza Ordonez, East Whittier City Elementary, Laurel Elementary
The lesson objective was to take a piece of literature, in this case, Tomie De Paola's "The Legend of the Poinsettia," and extract important information to create a group Keynote presentation. Each student group put together 2-3 slides, which were later incorporated into a group presentation. The story analysis and the examination of a family's background and life in another country made this entry a winner for Cultural Connections.