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iPads in Education

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iPads for Learning

Education Week Digital Directions
Education Week Digital Directions provides an outstanding article on research done regarding iPads in the classroom. The article reviews what educators think about the implementation of the iPad into the classroom.
Top 10 Reasons iPad Will Change Education
This website lists the top ten reasons why the iPad will change the educational landscape and provides us with links and a rationale of each reason.

This website provides information on how 21st century technology is currently used in the classroom. The site has numerous resources that can help educators implement technology into their classrooms.
Improving Literacy with iPod Touch
In this video students use iPod touches to improve test scores. The video also shows how the implementation of iPods helps English language learners become more proficient.


This video features students using iPads in the classroom to learn how to read.
A typical day in one transformed classroom using iPads.

Singapore school uses iPads in the classroom
A school in Singapore introduces iPads to improve teaching and learning.
Bringing iPads to the Classroom
2nd grade teacher Robert Pronovost at Belle Haven Elementary in Menlo Park, Calif., uses a digital component in teaching prewriting skills. His students use an iPad application called "Puppet Pals" during centers time. More information can be accessed at: http://www.govtech.com/education/iPads-In-The-Classroom.html.

Instructional Applications

Elementary E.D.U.
Elementary E.D.U. provides a list of the 19 best applications for educators with a description and link to the application. The wide range of applicationss makes this a good introduction for educators researching the benefits of iPads.
Mind/Shift takes a look at new educational applications every month and provides a quick review. The site also contains information on fun and exciting applications to use in the classroom.

SteedReads is a wiki page that also provides information in educational applications with links to the actual applications. The site has screen captures of the application to give the viewer an idea of what the application looks like.
LanSchool Offers Free iPad App for Classroom Management
In this article teachers learn what apps can be helpful with classroom management when using the iPad.

Software for iPad and iPod Touch Devices
Michael Nunn, Consultant with the Instructional Technology Outreach division at the Los Angeles County Office of Education, provides an extensive list of educational applications for mobile devices.

Case Studies

Educational Technology Debate
Educational Technology Debate provides an article regarding the impact iPads have had on the classroom. The article gives a synopsis of what happened when the iPad was implemented into the classroom and why its popularity has grown.
New York Times
This article concerns schools buying and using iPads in the classroom. The article goes over cost and reasons why schools have started to use the iPad in the classroom.

Arizona Daily Sun
This is a story regarding 30 elementary school students who received iPads as part of the new implementation of technology into the classroom. It delivers a quick summary of how the students have used the iPads and how it has improved teaching and learning.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
This article offers information on a new experiment at Notre Dame University replacing textbooks with iPads. The students were given iPads for a seven week course and the intent of the experiment was to see if this new technology improved learning and teacher-student communication.

An Atlanta-based teacher used Angry Birds, one of the most popular apps in the iTunes market, to teach physics. The teacher used the game to simplify concepts and make physics more interesting for his students. This is an example of how technology can improve student achievement.

Teacher Blogs

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom
This teacher blog offers a “quick list” of resources for the ipad.
iPads in the Classroom
This site is both a support site for presentations about iPad use in teaching and learning, and also includes links to other iPad resource information.

iPads in Education
iPads in Education is a great blog that provides up-to-date information regarding iPads and e-books. Additionally, it provides educators a resource to discuss topics regarding education and technology.
Apps in Education
This informative blog provides educators with a list of popular educational applications as well as tips and tricks to use the iPad more efficiently. The site also categorizes applications into curricular areas such as math, science, and art.

iPod Touch and iPad in Education
A collection of resources designed to support iOS mobile devices for teaching and learning.
An informative timeline of the evolution of technology used in classrooms over the years.

Management & Security

Law Technology News
An informative website on how to keep your iPad safe and secure. It gives educators tips on how to lock their iPad with a passcode and also how to track the iPad if it is stolen.
iOS Device Management Tutorial and Guide
Enoch Kwok, Director of Technology for La Canada USD, covers how to manage multiple Apple iOS devices - iPads/iPod Touches in a school or district setting. He documents the different types of Apple administrative accounts that are required to purchase Apple hardware from the Apple Ed Store, Apple Educational Software store, and step by step instructions on how to prepare iOS devices for cloning and mass loading and updating of software. The current version (v3) of the guide works for iOS version 4 devices. The guide will be updated after Apple releases iOS 5 system software.


iPads for Every High School Student in Michigan District
This article features high school students in Zeeland Public Schools, Michigan, receiving ipads to assist them with their with classroom learning.
iPads In Education – How’s It Going So Far?
This article checks in to see if iPad’s have made any positive returns in the classroom.

Special Education

iPossibilities: iPods and iPads in Special Education
Developed by Kate Ahern, a teacher of learners with multiple or significant special needs, this website provides information on the use of iPads in Special Education.
Special Education and the iPad Video
This video features Dennis Lamme, a special education student who uses the iPad to further his learning.

Special Education iPod Touch and iPad Resources
A resource for preK - 12 educators focused on special education.
iPads in Special Education
Produced by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, East Melbourne, Victoria, this PDF suggests applications and activities for special education teachers.

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